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Puzo Law a Law Firm Handling High-Asset Divorces with Care, Diligence, and Tenacity

Divorces involving high-net-worth couples require special attention from an attorney experienced in these sophisticated matters. At Puzo Law, we have the knowledge and experience to represent Florida’s residents in matrimonial litigation.  We understand how to assess the current and future value of financial accounts, business assets and professional goodwill. From there, we advocate vigorously for a result that protects our clients’ holdings and enables them to continue the lifestyle that they are accustomed to.

Dividing Property in a High Net Worth Divorce

When your property is worth so much, properly valuing every asset is vital to ensure that property is divided fairly. At Puzo Law, we take great care to uncover and then assign an accurate value to every asset and every debt. Our Miami-Dade high net worth divorce lawyers work closely with outside experts – such as CPAs, financial planners, and investigators – to facilitate this process.

During this discovery process, we’ll uncover and value assets such as:

  • Businesses

  • Retirement accounts

  • Pensions

  • Investments

  • Vehicles and boats

  • Real property

  • Inheritances

  • Liquid assets


Our goal is to fairly divide your property through less time-consuming and costly means, like mediation. If we can successfully negotiate an agreement that reflects your best interests, we will. If we feel unable to arrive at a favorable property division agreement through negotiation, we are ready to take any case to the courtroom.

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